It takes motivation and courage to seek the compassionate professional assistance of a licensed health care professional.

"Ego Sum Via (Way), Veritas (Truth), et VITA (Life)!"

Psychotherapy is all about having a confidential conversation with a caring, trained, and credentialed person.  Family therapy is an opportunity to encourage examination of conflicts and gain insight into problems, with the goal of bringing relief of symptoms, changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocational relationships, and personality growth. Call or email to set up a time.......

​​​Mark Logid, M.A., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, CDBT, CCTP 

​                      (AZ LMFT-15436 and CA #LMFT89890)

At Vita Therapy Services I know it can be a daunting decision to come in to talk about your deepest struggles, hurts and challenges.

​A Veteran's Community Care Network

Mental Health Provider 

Telehealth Mental Health counseling available NOW.

"Family therapy services to enrich, support, and  facilitate fullness of life now and beyond."

    ​ Compassionate and Christian behavioral health counseling in North County San Diego                       

San Diego Crisis Line: 1-888-724-7240

Phoenix Crisis: 602-222-9444

​Crisis Text Line:  741741